Alexandra Heitz’s Apartment

A tour of fashion blogger Alexandra Heitz’s apartment with it’s fresh, girly decor that is engulfed in spring themes, pink and lot’s of lovely modern feminine details.

This art is by my mother Kerri Rosenthal. Her fearless use of colors in her paintings inspire me everyday. This one is located across from my bed so it is the first thing I see every morning; I wanted something big and beautiful to give a great start to my day.

pink green and yellow living room

I am half Dutch—my father is from Holland—so I love having fresh tulips in my apartment.

tulip centerpiece

Layers of pillows keeps everything looking cozy and create a color story. My mom and I take the dust covers from our bags that we buy such and turn them into pillow covers.

handbag dustcover pillows

The worst thing in the world is a bare-looking bed. Layers and layers of pillows and blankets make it look like a big pile of fluff. The cashmere teddy bear on the bed is from my father’s cashmere company, Repeat Cashmere, and it’s pretty much the softest thing I own.

pink white pink stripe bedroom

pink white bedside table

I am constantly editing this rolling rack to make sure that everything is up to date and inspirational. It has all my favorite pieces for the next two weeks that I plan to wear on my blog. Even though I have a closet, my rolling rack is like my inspiration board.

clothing rack

I painted my doors bubblegum pink. It’s an inexpensive way to add a splash of color and if you get bored of the pink, you can always paint over. I may paint them my new favorite color mint green tomorrow.

pink alcove

Alexandra Heitz’s desk.


Images via Teen Vogue

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