45 Dining Room interior decorating ideas

Table and Fireplace

Farmhouse rustic styled table with stools in front of a big fireplace – gorgeous!

farmhouse style kitchen

Fun Fair Home Decor

This apartment in Marseille, France is adorned with an array of playful items and toys. Its 80 sqm are a veritable treasure trove for young and old: old toys, pieces of armory, a collection of robots and other childish treasures transformed the interiors into an incredible playground.

Bring the carnival into your home by adding a big toy like a mechanical helicopter, robots and other big kids items to add some fun and whimsy to your home! Let’s start in the lounge room.

helicopter carnival style living room

The wall is decorated with a myriad of fun fair targets . The assembly, linear at first,  breaks down into a happy cloud!

funfare deco



The dining room – the perfect mixture of raw rustic furniture with a vast collection of robots.



robot on the wall

A truly eclectic mix of elements in the kitchen, the old and the new weaved together in an atmosphere of fun. Loving the retro cash register on the bench.

eclectic kitchen fun

A piece of science fiction thrown in the mix with the metal skull of the famous Terminator: a collector’s item that will delight film lovers!

terminator skull authentic

horse carousel and boot lamp

Behind the glass walls is a very original bedroom for the parents. The bed is arranged on a wooden platform under which is a cabin built for kids. The decorating emphasis on red is particularly charming when you read the sign that warns of fire above the bed! In front of the bed is an army of robots.


The parents platform bed becomes a hidden playhouse for the children.

cabin bedroom

A look inside the playhouse.


A very urban and humorous bathroom composed of industrial valves, metal bowls and aluminium panels.


industrial bathroom


Lovely Country Kitchen

Gorgeous country style dining room!

country dining room

Green Dining

Gorgeous green kitchen, loving the rustic green painted dining table with benches.


via http://www.alltihemmet.se

Following the green trend the next two rustic, eclectic and absolutely amazing dining rooms were designed by Paola Nevone.



via http://www.cotemaison.fr/

Organic Dining

Tree trunks for table legs. This awesome dinning room has a very organic atmosphere with the stone walls, tree trunk table legs and green scenery through the window.