11 interior decorating ideas tagged exposed rafters

Nautical Cottage Kitchen

Designer Gary McBournie created a subtle nautical theme without going overboard in this fisherman’s cottage. Kitchen cabinetry was made by Nantucket furniture maker Carter Mitchell. The open grate design allows for ventilation and the concealment of appliances. Simple plank flooring is painted Benjamin Moore’s Deep Ocean and spattered in red, white, and blue. Sconces are brass marine fixtures.

via House Beautiful

This kitchen has a great feel to it. I can image living in old, time worn house by the beach, sipping my tea in this kitchen. I have a real weakness for exposed rafters.

nautical cottage kitchen

Printing Press Converted into Loft

An old printing press in down-town Barcelona was converted into a chic, urban industrial styled loft by Minim Architects. Exposed bricks and rafters, pipes anc conduits with plenty of concrete, this loft is an industrial style explosion. So much light streams into this space, so many amazing detailed design features mixing in original elements from the building with modern design.

warehouse to loft conversion in Barcelona

Oversized Felted Rugs

Amazing large colorful felted rugs created by designer Dana Barnes. This idea was originally born as a way to soundproof her Soho Loft due to complaints from her neighbours about the pitter-patter of her young daughters feet. This has now grown into a business creating gorgeous oversized felted rugs.

loft in soho

large colorful felted rugs

Dana Barnes loft home in Soho New York

Dana Barnes loft home in Soho New York

loft with a swing


The Church

Exquisite church to home conversion mixing the old with the new. Exposed rafters, high vaulted ceilings and ornate stained glass windows mixed with chic modern lines and bold colors. Photographed by Emma Cross.

The kitchen:

converted church kitchen

converted church kitchen

The living room:

the living room

The bedroom:


Exterior shots:


converted church

Concrete Block House By The Lake

Gorgeous family weekend home built by architect Tom Kundig who states “These materials age well oxidising steel behaves like weathered tree bark, and the concrete block wall in time will be populated with mosses and lichens.”