68 Neutrals interior decorating ideas

English Country Bedrooms

Lovely English country bedrooms from House to Home. The English and their amazing way of combining mismatched patterns in an effortless manner!

Italian Rustic Spaces

Gorgeous  kitchen, dinning room and bedroom in stone and wood. Amazing example of a true rustic style.

Rustic Vintage Home in Beverly Hills

Stunning rustic, vintage styled home in Beverly Hills designed by interior and garden designer Sandy Koepke.

vintage garden dinning room bedroom-shabby-chic vintage style kitchen vintage bathroom vintage bedroom vintage bathroom

Style in Ikea Catalogue 2013

Just received the new Ikea 2013 catalogue in the post and thought I would share some of the cool style pictures in there.

Bright colours and blonde wood combined with graphic expressions in textiles. That’s the core of the Scandinavian graphic style. 

Blonde Scandinavian style – The furniture is functional in form and design. The textiles are patterned with organic prints, and balanced with geometric forms.

Grey-brown stain with an addition of brushed natural pine, faded colours on metal, linen and raw fibres. That’s the quick recipe for creating a style that’s rustic and easy living.

Inspired by the Swedish countryside…By mixing check and stripes, and hand-crafted accents this style has a relaxed and welcoming feel.

Black and white is always a good foundation to build on when creating your personal style at home. 

Bring in nature – rattan, bamboo, untreated pine, organic patterns and green accent colour.

Colour can bring new life to any room.

Seafoam and Lime Green Kitchen

Amazing modern kitchen with seafoam green cabinets and lamp and lime green chairs. Love the color scheme, the contrast of the neon brightness against the neutral palette.

seafoam green kitchen