Purple Walls

Paint your walls purple! the color of royalty, of riches and of spirituality!

A dark velvety purple in the study as the perfect backdrop to art.

purple walls

Purple walls in a modern bathroom.
purple bathroom

Dark plum walls in a masculine, sitting room with wooden floorboards and lush leather armchair.
plum walls

Modern interior with space age couch and dark, opaque purple walls.

dark purple walls

Sophisticated grey and purple bathroom.
sophisticated bathroom

Bold Aqua Bathroom

Aqua blue bathroom from a colorful New Jersey beach house. Aqua blue has a calming effect on the senses, it can encourage mental clarity and peace of mind while helping release negativity, guilt and anger.

aqua bathroom

Funky and Fun Blue Bathroom Design

Unique blue bathroom with curved walls and organic shapes, makes me feel like this bathroom was carved out of stone in a cave near the sea. Painted a refreshing blue with a seashell mural, seashells, sponges and other sea paraphernalia abound.

Who says you have to use tiles?
blue bathroom

Funky wallpaper in blue and white with goldfish swimming about, giving a quirky element to an otherwise formal bathroom.

fish wallpaper bathroom in blue

Turn a normal bathroom into something exciting with a mural extending out of the bathtub with big and swirly octopus tentacles!

octopus mural

Yellow Details

In a small bathroom like this, it’s all about the details. Modern lines, digital/pixelated type small ceramic tiled floors in black and white and open the drawers for  a pop of bright yellow.

yellow and white bathroom

French White Dash of Pink

Lovely French white vanity, and double sink for the bathroom. A dash of pink is added with the hand towels giving an ultra feminine atmosphere. The beauty of completely white spaces is that you can change the entire feel by accessorizing with different colors.

pink and white bathroom