Bohemian Chandeliers

Gorgeous, colorful, whimsical and joyous chandeliers in the bohemian aesthetic.

rainbow chandelier dining decor

rainbow chandelier

Wine Bottle Candle Holders

Amazing diy candle holders using clear wine glasses with candle sticks of varying sizes! Eco friendly and chic!

clear bottle candle holder dining

Image via December 2009 issue of Elle Decoration UK.


Spiderweb Chandelier

A stylish and chic way to decorate your home for Halloween, or simply for those who like something a bit different.

spider web chandelier

Halloween decorating idea, spiderweb chandelier.

via bhg

Bubble Lamps & Chandeliers

Air-filled lamps and lighting systems inspired by the creative experiments in art and design of the 50s and 60s, and manufactured using modern technology.

Beautiful alternative styled lamps and chandeliers created by Puff Buff.

moon lamp chandelier


Gorgeous lighting designs from Ochre. Delicate, urban and edgy pieces, perfect for a modern or eclectic home. A beautiful arrangement in glass and bronze.

Seed Cloud:

seed cloud chandelier


linear chandelier made of bronze