Lavender Lamp Shade

Lovely and grand lavender pendant lamp.



Colorful Frames

Very cool way to present art or photos of your family in an artistic, joyful, colorful way!

colorful wall-frames

Turquoise Chandeliers

Turquoise is such a fabulous, calming color. Inspired by this amazing turquoise chandelier featured in Elle Decor I set out to discover a few other lovely options.

The gorgeous Elle Decor basket beaded turquoise chandelier.

turquoise chandelier lighting

The Regina Andrew Beaded Turquoise Chandelier using real turquoise beads.

The Catalonia Chandelier Shine by S.H.O, lacquered in turquoise.


For those diy folks you can find a great tutorial over at Gus and Lula teaching you how to create this turquoise beaded chandelier.

Vintage Chic Kitchen

I love the atmosphere in this kitchen, so vintage chic! Loving the vintage fridge and the copper light shades!

vintage style kitchen

Light Bulb Bouquet

Great kitchen/dining, beautiful spread. I want to eat all of it! Loving the bouquet of light globes!

kitchen with deli food on table