18 interior decorating ideas tagged blue and white

Serene Bathroom

Lovely light blue and white bathroom idea. Everything about this space is so serene!

Inspiration China Blue

Today I feel inspired by China Blue. The perfect mixture of blue and white in beautiful patterns creates amazing harmony and balance.

bedroom blue white

china blue fireplace

china blue wallppaer

china blue cushions

via www.homesandantiques.com

From www.traditionalhome.com

Wooden Ceiling and Light Filled Windows

Beautiful pastel blue colored walls in this lovely bedroom, the main feature for me is that exquisite ceiling, with those gorgeous light filled windows coming in at a close second.
blue bedroom

From www.elmueble.com

Herringbone Kitchen Tiles

Love the zig zag herringbone effect created by the design in these kitchen tiles!


From http://www.elmueble.com

Blue White Patterns Bedroom

Gorgeous dark blue and white bedroom, love all the patterns going on, intense yet somehow harmonious.