5 interior decorating ideas tagged books

Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal

Neo-gothic bookstore in Livraria Lello, Porto, Portugal opened it’s doors in 1906 and is home to the most magical, enchanted staircase I have ever seen. Carved wood, pressed copper, stained glass and more in a superbly ornate neo-gothic style.

Livraria Lello red staircase

Bookshelf Nook

A cosy little nook where you can sit to read a book that also serves as a bookshelf.

bookshelf nook

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Concrete Home Library

Vintage chairs upholstered in purple velvet create the perfect companions to those amazing concrete walls.

Concrete walls in the home library

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Bookshelves in The Home

There is something so heart warming about home libraries with row upon row of books, so many stories and so much knowledge, all right there!

An industrial librabry in a Paisian home. Designed in two parts, the bottom half accommodates large art books, and the upper half novels. To access it, a large metal staircase, inspired by those seen at the airport. In the center, a small niche is for hanging pictures. The lighting consists of large metal suspension acquired at the flea market.



An elegant sitting and reading room with a beautiful library. Loving the window!



The Reading Room, John Rylands Library, Manchester.

A warm and cosy place to sit and read.



Paint the bookshelves and walls in white and make a more cluttered room filled with books and items appear light and spacious.


Make use of space in ingenious ways such as this:


Modern home library with an amazing fireplace.


Modern and chic home library in black.


and for those of you who need more here is a little bookshelf heaven gallery!

I Heart Bookshelves

I heart bookshelves, yes I do!
…and usually the more book cluttered the home library looks the more I love it!

So in honour of that, today we are looking at inspiring images of bookshelves as the main living room feature in the home in thier many and varied forms.

white bookcase


home library in soho
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