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Light Blue Kitchen Decoration Inspiration

shabby chic kitchen

Shabby chic kitchen in white with powder blue walls.

Kitchen inspiration in light blue, pastel blue, powder blue, eggshell blue and any other shade of light and delicate blue. This type of color works well when combined with white and helps create a tranquil, cooling and relaxing atmosphere. Works well with shabby chic, country and cottage style kitchens.

rustic kitchen

Cabinets, table and chairs painted blue.

white and blue kitchen

Pale blue and white, a perfect color combo for the kitchen.

blue strip kitchen wall

Striped blue walls.

cottage kitchen

Cottage style kitchen in light blue.

country kitchen

Pretty kitchen in blue and white.

pale blue kitchen

Country kitchen style in palest blue.

blue kitchen

Paint kitchen cabinets a light blue ad a relaxing vibe to your home.

country kitchen blue

Country style kitchen in blue.

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English Country Bedrooms

Lovely English country bedrooms from House to Home. The English and their amazing way of combining mismatched patterns in an effortless manner!

Shabby Chic Bed

Shabby chic styled bedrooms for your inspiration!

shabby chic bed shabby chic bed shabby chic bed shabby chic bed shabby chic bed shabby chic bed shabby chic bed

Country Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Create that country kitchen barn look with stained or painted flat board panneling and wooden floorboards.

red and white country kitchen

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Stunning white painted wood panneling on the vaulted ceiling and adding a touch of warmth to the room with a floral wallpapered feature wall.

country kitchen decorating

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The storage space is a part of the decor with open shelving along the wall.

white country kitchen

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Add a butcher’s chopping block to the middle of the kitchen and warm colored curtains.

country kitchen decoration

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A shabby chic country kitchen in white and red.

shabby chic kitchen

Create a warm and inviting country kitchen with red painted cabinets. The display of plates a key element in a country kitchen.

red kitchen

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A country kitchen in warm tones with a gorgeous furniture-style wood island and copper hanging pots that help anchor the look.

warm country kitchen

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Blue on Blue Bedroom

Blue and white bedroom design that plays with tons of different textures and patterns in the same color scheme.

blue and white bedroom

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