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Industrial Styled Bedrooms

Concrete, exposed bricks, greys, neutrals, high ceilings, rustic crates and rustic walls combined with deluxe, lush, romantic bedding in pastel pink, blue and greys! Industrial chic bedroom!

Industrial styled bedroom. industrial styled bedroom Industrial styled bedroom. Industrial styled bedroom. Industrial styled bedroom. Industrial styled bedroom.

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Interior Love

High ceilings with exposed rafters and beams and skylight; oversized French windows, cute multi-colored chairs. The list just goes on and on, so much to love in this interior space.

high ceiling eating

The Church

Exquisite church to home conversion mixing the old with the new. Exposed rafters, high vaulted ceilings and ornate stained glass windows mixed with chic modern lines and bold colors. Photographed by Emma Cross.

The kitchen:

converted church kitchen

converted church kitchen

The living room:

the living room

The bedroom:


Exterior shots:


converted church