16 interior decorating ideas tagged retro

Ornate Tiles

Decorate your kitchen or living space with colorful ornate tiles.

Gorgeous flourished black and white tile splashback.

back and white kitchen tiles

A kitchen with a palette of primary colors, tons of patterns and textures, beauty in clutter.
colorful tiles kitchen

Vintage living room with retro styled tiles on the walls, makes me think of an old pub house, it has that certain masculine retro chic going.
tiled living room walls

Get some Cacti

Bring a piece of the hot summer desert into your home with a cacti, preferably in a wicker planter like in this picture. The cacti fits in perfectly with the retro ikat couch in green and the retro coffee table. Loving the rustic feel of the walls and floorboards.

cacti interior

Image from Anthropologie.

Pastel Retro Home

Spanish interior designer Teresa Abaitua creates a wonderful rainbow pastel interior with a misture of modern furniture and fittings, vintage 1960’s furniture and a few restored antiques thrown in the mix.


Red and Green Retro Kitchen

Loving this gorgeous retro kitchen in red and green created by Betty Jo Designs! So many amazing details to be found, so much inspiration!

Retro Cool Boathouse

La Peniche is a cool boathouse in France photographed by Enrique Menossi. Loving all the chic retro elements like the pinball machine, the drums and the records. The graffiti wall in the bedroom adds a nice urban edge to the boathouse.