24 interior decorating ideas tagged rustic

Blue and Red Rustic Beach House

Original beach home with loads of character. The thing that won me over is the overall shabby, rustic, cluttered decadence of this space. The use of that greenish turquoise with red on the corroded walls, rugs and furniture ties the room together while adding brightness to the home.


Kooky Loft

The home of Mitch Alfus (of Libra Leather) is an amazing loft that resembles more of a gallery of modern art than a home. Superbly long rustic dining table with an equally long bench on one side and metallic aircraft cases used as seats on the other side. Another cool element are the large collage type rugs.

loft dining room

Urban Rustic Beds

Awesome rustic, urban, industrial and ultra chic beds perfect for lofts and warehouse conversions by District Millworks in Down town LA.


Urban Rustic Beds

Color Block Stripes

Love this rainbow striped wall. I think that as a child I was truly affected by Rainbow Brite and The Care Bears, I seem to always go for the rainbow!

rainbow wall

Nautical Cottage Kitchen

Designer Gary McBournie created a subtle nautical theme without going overboard in this fisherman’s cottage. Kitchen cabinetry was made by Nantucket furniture maker Carter Mitchell. The open grate design allows for ventilation and the concealment of appliances. Simple plank flooring is painted Benjamin Moore’s Deep Ocean and spattered in red, white, and blue. Sconces are brass marine fixtures.

via House Beautiful

This kitchen has a great feel to it. I can image living in old, time worn house by the beach, sipping my tea in this kitchen. I have a real weakness for exposed rafters.

nautical cottage kitchen