19 interior decorating ideas tagged urban

Kooky Loft

The home of Mitch Alfus (of Libra Leather) is an amazing loft that resembles more of a gallery of modern art than a home. Superbly long rustic dining table with an equally long bench on one side and metallic aircraft cases used as seats on the other side. Another cool element are the large collage type rugs.

loft dining room

Purple, Blue and Black Cafe

Purple cafe in Minsk designed by Veronica Borovko. Spoons, cups and plates hang on the walls and ceilings in a dark and atmospheric purple, blue and black sea.

Loving the spoon filled ceiling!
purple cafe

Graffiti Hotel by Tilt

Today we have a view of the amazingly cool and urban graffiti interior at the Au Vieux Panier Hotel in Marseille, France by artist Tilt .

Graffiti Hotel by Tilt

Urban Rustic Beds

Awesome rustic, urban, industrial and ultra chic beds perfect for lofts and warehouse conversions by District Millworks in Down town LA.


Urban Rustic Beds

Industrial in Neutrals

Industrial style lounge room in greys and neutrals. Add a few quirky elements to give the room more of a personal feel and to create a softer edge to an otherwise cold space.

industrial style living room

images via Homelife