Purple and Brass

Beautiful combination of brass faucets with purple Moroccan tiles.

brass faucets with purple Moroccan tiles

Cement Tiles

Gorgeous cement tiles from Claesson Koivisto Rune.

green cement tiles

blue cement tiles

cement tiles cirlces

The following are from Mats Theselius.

red chevron tiles


Legendarily Nasty Bathroom

One of CBGB’s transcendently messy, legendarily multipurpose restrooms… the club’s bathrooms, which David Byrne once described as “legendarily nasty.” …Perhaps he was referring to the dungeon-like brick walls covered in graffiti, band stickers and bodily fluids. Or the stalls without doors, removing any notion of modesty. Or perhaps he was reflecting on the period when misguided clubgoers, finding themselves in the “home of punk rock,” took it upon themselves to blow up the toilets.

via NY Times

Because certain designs that have the most impact can often be accidental.

bathroom covered in graffiti

Bloodbath for the Bathroom

Shock your guests with these cool novelty items for your bathroom, the bathmat and shower curtain turns red when wet!



Recycled Boho Bath

Recycled elements, tons of color, lots of greenery – a true boho styled bathroom dream!
boho style bathroom

via skonahem