Vintage Dressers for the Kitchen

A collection of vintage dresses makes up this boho chic, country, cottage kitchen in Lithgow, Australia.

A perfectly quaint way to display your collection of vintage cups, plates and other decorative arts. Pure charm in bargain shop finds that create that nostalgic sense of grandma’s house from yester year.

This style can be re created on a small budget, all it takes is time and a passion for hunting down those unique pieces. I love checking out my local markets and thrift shops because it is here that you can find those rare treasures that can create a home like this!

vintage cottage kitchen

via Homelife

Green Chroma Kitchen

Monolithic bold green modern kitchen by Bruce Bolander architect.

Amazing how the bright lime/ neon green cabinets contrast against the natural greens of nature behind it. Nature and man-made co existing in harmony. Now this is not a color for the faint at heart, nor the conservative types. It is out there, it is loud, it’s the color of my favorite energy drink.

The stainless steel appliances and finishes do something to cool this green down a touch, but it still evokes a feeling of raving all night while “The Prodigy”  rages through my speakers, I feel hyped!

chroma green kitchen modern

green kitchen cabinet

Zombie Kids Loft

Cool industrial style loft with cement floors, original metal plate ceilings, industrial lamps, recylced materials and modern urban art. Welcome to the Zombie Kids loft, the home of DJ Jay Cumhur.

You really cannot get a living room that screams cool and male and DJ so loudly like this one does. From the studded black leather lounges, the bright green geometric rug, to the music crates repurposed as coffee tables, the large skull and cool magazines. I particularly fancy the Adidas shopping bags turned cushions.

No shelving needed, books arranged neatly on one side of the wall. Tons of industrial fixtures as far as the eye can see and modern abstract art adorn the walls.

Thought provoking and cool at the same time. I’m just taken aback by such a big slab of the color red, it’s mesmerizing.

Funky retro toys, vintage robots have been making a huge comeback.

Skulls again, this time wall mounted with some modern graphic art pieces and framed concert tickets.

Super cool, narrow stairs take you down to the Aladdin’s cave of records. Rustic exposed brick walls and metal framing adding to the cool factor.

If you make music, then this is paradise.

Highly stylized bathroom in a modern, male cool vibe.

Now that is a  collection of sneakers! one for every color of the rainbow and to suit every mood.


Some Mint Green on the Inside

Green is the color of nature it symbolises refreshment, healing, freshness, regeneration. A shade like mint green can be both calming and uplifting. You can pair this green up with a shade of pink to create balance.

firplace and walls painted mint green

Paint your fireplace and walls a mint green to instantly uplift a space. Via The Decorista

green pink and white dining

Start with a white background adding mint green accessories, balanced out with fresh pink flowers. Via The Lenoxx

green walls pink chair and gold accents interior

Pink and gold accents create magic when combined with mint green walls. Via Houzz.

bathroom design in mint green

Layers of mint green in different shades creates a cool and crisp bathroom. Loving the marble hexagonal floor tiles and the green subway tiles. Via Houzz

shabby chic white and green

Mint green provides a great accent to a white shabby chic styled space.

green and pink kitchen

This kitchen shows once more how lovely splashes of pink look against a mint green base.

Black and White Stripes Porch

I never dreamed about drenching a place in black and white stripes, especially if that place is an outdoor area like a porch, the stripes go from the walls to the ceilings to the curtains and the pillows. But I think this example has changed my mind and expanded my awareness as to what is truly possible! The couches in bright green are a real treat and help relieve the eyes from all those stripes.

black and white stripe decor

Crazy about stripes