Small Apartment in Bold Colors

Amazing small one bedder in the East Village with fantastic design by David Kaihoi. A large atmosphere is created in this small apartment with the use of bold colors and multipurpose furniture. Featured in House Beautiful.

Living Room in Pastels

Guest Living Room by designer Eddie Lee in gorgeous pastels with teal grasscloth ceiling and 1960s Venini glass chandelier.

pastel living room

Gray and Purple Bedrooms

Purple, the color of magic, mystery, royalty, spirituality and good judgement.

Purple is the combination of both blue and red, the blue creates and expansive and calming energy while the red creates an active, focused and dynamic energy.

Purple brings a new dynamic to the activity of red and the expansion of blue. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge, which is why purple is associated with inspiration and imagination.

Gray is a truly neutral color, one that invokes a deep sense of rest. Mixing gray with a more vibrant color like purple, mutes its vibration creating a stabilizing effect.

So in bedroom design, the combination of purple and gray gives you a calming, soothing, restful space that is also focused, creative and full of magic!

Images via pinterest and houzz

Church to Home Conversion

A grade II listed flint-and-stone church to home conversion in Hertfordshire. Ornate and glamorous with lots of pinks and purples.

via House to Home

Three Boho Chic Bedrooms

Three gorgeous boho chic styled bedrooms to inspire.