Casa Petaluma

This unique home in Petaluma, north of San Franscisco was designed by architects Legorreta + Legorreta. Created around a vineyard, the house is designed to take in 360 degree views. Taking into account the clients love of classical cars, the driveway and entrance receives special attention. Gorgeous lines, arches and doors (designed in collaboration with artist Pilar Climent) all in a modern mustard yellow.

Zombie Kids Loft

Cool industrial style loft with cement floors, original metal plate ceilings, industrial lamps, recylced materials and modern urban art. Welcome to the Zombie Kids loft, the home of DJ Jay Cumhur.

You really cannot get a living room that screams cool and male and DJ so loudly like this one does. From the studded black leather lounges, the bright green geometric rug, to the music crates repurposed as coffee tables, the large skull and cool magazines. I particularly fancy the Adidas shopping bags turned cushions.

No shelving needed, books arranged neatly on one side of the wall. Tons of industrial fixtures as far as the eye can see and modern abstract art adorn the walls.

Thought provoking and cool at the same time. I’m just taken aback by such a big slab of the color red, it’s mesmerizing.

Funky retro toys, vintage robots have been making a huge comeback.

Skulls again, this time wall mounted with some modern graphic art pieces and framed concert tickets.

Super cool, narrow stairs take you down to the Aladdin’s cave of records. Rustic exposed brick walls and metal framing adding to the cool factor.

If you make music, then this is paradise.

Highly stylized bathroom in a modern, male cool vibe.

Now that is a  collection of sneakers! one for every color of the rainbow and to suit every mood.


Falcon Headquaters

Falcon headquaters, a modern yellow masterpiece in yellow created by Rojkind Arquitectos. Images by Guido Torres.

Yellow Details

In a small bathroom like this, it’s all about the details. Modern lines, digital/pixelated type small ceramic tiled floors in black and white and open the drawers for  a pop of bright yellow.

yellow and white bathroom

Turquoise and Yellow Kitchens

There is no way I would feel dull in a turquoise and yellow kitchen, my mood would simply brighten just by stepping into such a vibrant pallette. Here is why!

turquoise and yellow kitchen

via bhg

yellow and turquoise kitchen

via Martha Stewart

turquoise and yellow kitchen


blue yellow

Vintage yellow and turquoise kitchen

Vintage yellow and turquoise kitchen.

kitchen in bright yellow

Eclectic kitchen in bright yellow with turquoise accents.