Doors and Entrances

The Urban Blue Door

Pure urban inspiration with blue doors. There is something so intriguing, urban and decadent about blue doors. I can’t quite put my finger on it but it’s so sexy! There is no mistaking the great color combo of blue with white, gray, off white or any other neutral color.

Love everything about the urban decadence of this image, this blue door, the beat up unfinished walls and those floorboards encrusted in filth, it just works and the blue door brings it all together!

blue door

Image sourced from Johnny Miller.

Urban, crisp, clean yet gritty, perfect! love the bright yellow chair creating contrast.


Faded paint on an old wooden door in Manchester, England. You can find color combination inspiration in the oddest of places.

blue door

Image source Ed O’keeffe.

Urban blue door with graffitti in bright green creates this wonderful piece of art with a great color scheme. This door is from Granada, Spain.

blue door graffitti

Image by Sean McLeod

A yellow wall with a decal of a woman and a blue door. Art and beauty found on the street!

decal of woman on street