Carpentry Inspired Loft

A loft in Florence designed by architect Alessandro Capellaro. Alessandro discovered timber in the bottom of an alley and was instantly inspired to create this amazing loft full of original and unique pieces of furniture.

Stacked wooden urns separate the kitchen and guest bedroom.

Wooden lockers add warmth to the dinning room.

In keeping with his bargain hunting nature, Alessandro Capellaro, found this awesome blue vintage chair on the street.

The wooden lockers surround the sofa and provide the ideal storage for the wood chunks to be used in the fireplace. A series of portraits of Peter Manzo decorates the walls.

In the bedroom the entire concept comes into it’s own with the wooden crates providing the frame for the bed, as a bedside table and bookshelves!

Images via Marie Claire Maison.

More Turquoise Please

I am really into turquoise at the moment, I just cannot get enough of it, it is so lovely and refreshing. Here are a few turquoise spaces that are inspiring me.

A wonderful shabby chic dining room in light shades of turquoise!

A dining room in turquoise with a magnificent candelabra, creating a decadent and glamorous atmosphere.

turquoise dining

Beautiful outdoor bathtub in turquoise with a lovely bohemian feel.

turquoise outdoor bathtub

French writing desk in turquoise well contrasted against white.

turquoise writing desk

Gorgeous turquoise sitting room.

Bite Club

From Australia Vogue Living Debra Cronin’s Bite Club. Loving the decrepit creepy chicness of this place. Who knew that mould stained, paint peeling walls could be so inviting!

Funky Upcycled Cabinets

I love going through etsy and finding truly unique and wonderful pieces of design. You can find true artists there! Today I was taken aback by the lovely upcycled cabinets and dressers created by Ruby Rhino.

Here is a taste of the unique recycled furniture she offers.

blue dresser

pink cabinet

light green sideboard

green sideboard

French Style Antiques

Beautiful ornate French Style chairs, armoires and settees. I love this style so much, it always inspires romance in me!
french style chair