Pillows and Cushions

Retro Leaves Inspiration

Inspiration: Retro Leaf Patterns

Pattern: Leaf Motif

Style: Retro

Colors: Browns, yellows and greens

Looking at the theme of retro leaf patterns beginning with tea cups and coffee cups from pitea.shop-pro.jp

Upsala Ekeby- Gefle Karlskrona SWEDEN

Bersa- Gustavsberg

Blad- Upsala-Ekeby(Gefle) coffee

Bersa- Gustavsberg Tea

Retro leaf patterns in fabrics.

retro fabric with leaves

Scattered leaves retro style fabric from johnlewis.com

Retro leaf pattern fabric

From hartsfabric.com

leaves print fabric

From montgomery.co.uk

Retro wallpaper featuring leafy pattern.

wallpaper leaves retro

From fermlivingshop.com

This wonderful couch with fabric named: Delphi composed of a leaf trail, that was originally produced by Sanderson as prints in the 1970’s and have a retro feel reminiscent of that era.

green leaf motif retro couch

From sanderson-uk.com

You can even see this chic 1950’s retro leaf design on the High Street in the UK this next cushion a design from NEXT.
next cushion leaves

Purple Sequin Cushions and Pillows

Inspiration: Purple
Item: Cushions
Flair: Sequins

Let’s take a look at the many different shapes and forms that a purple sequinned cushion can take on!

An entire panel engulfed by a sea of encrusted deep purple sequins.

sequinned purple cushion

From housetohome.co.uk

Similar concept to the pillow above but in a pastel purple.

purple sequins cushion

From http://www.flickr.com/photos/rainestyle

Purple shade art silk dupioni fabric embroidered with sequins in silver, wine, and purple tones to add shimmer, shine and glitter to your room.

purple cushion with sequins

From http://www.etsy.com/listing/59830880/plum-blossom-throw-pillow-covers-16x16

Create circular and any other shape (there are infinite possibilities) with sequins for beautifully luxurious cushions, what better color than purple to create that royal feel.

light purple cushions

From colincowie.com

Violet silk, sequin & beads used to create a unique and artistic image.

beaded purple pillow

From instyle-decor.com

Purple suede on linen colored jute with black sequince detail for a powerful look.

purple white cushion

From sivaana.com