18 Tables interior decorating ideas

Colored Pencil Table

A coffee table created with colored pencils by Motohiro Tomii.

colored pencil table

colored pencil table

Table and Fireplace

Farmhouse rustic styled table with stools in front of a big fireplace – gorgeous!

farmhouse style kitchen

Lovely Country Kitchen

Gorgeous country style dining room!

country dining room

Green Dining

Gorgeous green kitchen, loving the rustic green painted dining table with benches.


via http://www.alltihemmet.se

Following the green trend the next two rustic, eclectic and absolutely amazing dining rooms were designed by Paola Nevone.



via http://www.cotemaison.fr/

Organic Dining

Tree trunks for table legs. This awesome dinning room has a very organic atmosphere with the stone walls, tree trunk table legs and green scenery through the window.