24 Mood Boards interior decorating ideas

Mustard Yellow Interiors

Overcome with a need for mustard yellow today.

The beauty of mustard yellow lies in it’s ability to create the same cheerful, happy and joyous sensations of bright yellow but in a more subdued, less anxious way. Mustard yellow can bring light and warmth into a room while imbuing it with a sense of elegance.

Colors that work well with mustard yellow include dark violet, grey, black, chocolate brown and magenta. When pairing mustard yellow with another color it is a good idea to keep the shades of the two colors the same.

mustard yellow kitchen cabinets

Blue Velvet

All about the beauty of blue velvet. A blue mood moodboard.

blue velvet sofa

Decorating with Vintage Suitcases

Vintage suitcases give a unique, retro and chic way of decorating your space while providing much needed storage.


Two vintage suitcases used as a storage trunk substitute at the end of the bed.


via www.designsponge.com


Create suitcase Drawers. These one are designed by James Plumb.


A butter-nut leather, Holland suitcase chair.

old suitcase desk

Old suitcase office desk.

And now for some stacked old suitcases used as storage that help create a nice vintage ambience to the room.

stacked suitcases-vintage

via www.homedit.com


via www.countryliving.com


Use the old address tags to display family photos.


Arrange the suitcases in an artistic way.

Stacked cases used as a bedside table.


via www.redimages.com.au


Vintage luggage bedside table

French Country Interior Decorating in Color

Beautiful interior decorating images in vibrant colors and pastels in French Country Style.

The feminine beauty of pink and green combined.

pink and green French country design armchair

Bright pink walls and muted grey cabinets. French county dining.


Don’t forget to add some toile.

red toile interior design

And to create rooms as ornate as possible.

green french country garden room

via www.architecturaldigest.com

Don’t be afraid to add splashes of strong color.


A pretty place to sit.

french country dresser

The loveliness of a chair covered in yellow toile.

yellow toile

A pretty bedroom in which to rest.

french country bedroom

Herringbone Floors

Inspired by the exquisite site of herringbone parquetry.

dark Herringbone floor

all images via pininterest