Inspiring Staircases

Simply magical and inspiring pathways and staircases from all over the world!

Los Angeles, US
red staircase

Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Santorini, Greece

Côte d’Azur, France

Positano, Italy

The Haiku Stairs, Hawaii

Stairs at Kew Gardens, England



Sicily, Italy

Wooden Meditation Path Taiwan

United Kingdom


Botannical Gardens

Turquoise House Inspired

Today I felt inspired by the color turquoise. I just love this color so much, it makes me feel like anything is possible, it is refreshing and enchanting!

I want to paint the façade of my home a lovely turquoise one day and these are the images that inspire me!

turquoise Victorian home

The Red Door

I love doors. Doorways are rich in symbolism, they represent the prospect of different opportunities, probable journeys one can take. They are a gateway into new and magnificent worlds. They represent transition, initiation, opportunity and liberation.

A door is an important element of a house, a symbol of passage from one place to another, one state to another, from light to darkness.

With all these thoughts in mind today I am feeling inspired by Red Doors.

red door italy

From www.jakehowlett.com

Romance and Poolside

Looking at this romantic patio featuring this lovely pool I can imagine champagne breakfasts, white swimsuits, perfect tans (although tan is kind of a rude work here in Australia now, so let’s say the perfect spray tan, lol) and moonlight escapades with wine and great company. Ahhh such a lovely space!

Purple and Green Inspiration

My inspiration for today comes from this beautiful piece of fabric in a bluish lavender color and muted pastel greens and neutrals. It has an exquisite floral pattern that combines colors to create a gorgeous palette. The overall effect is one of serenity and tranquility, these colors create a peaceful and safe haven.

lavender and green floral print

Let’s take a look at some rooms that incorporate this basic color theme so you can see how this color palette can take shape within your own home.

This first room is a perfect example of the color scheme of the fabric above at work. The color is put together beautifully with an arrangement of antique furniture. You can see how well different tones of purple and green work together to create a harmonious environment.

green and purple living room

Next we have the same color scheme at work in a contemporary environment.  The main colors of pastel purple, pastel green and whites working together to create harmony and take the edge of rigid hard straight lines, lending some softness to a modern look.

modern kitchen purple

This color scheme is put to work in an outdoor environment with the veranda painted in lavender blue and white blending in perfectly with the natural greens of the plants and grass.

Photo source

The following images are from a contemporary country house hotel in the Cotswolds called Cowley Manor who have created a remarkable guesthouse with each guestroom decorated and outfitted with handmade furniture and fabrics in fabulous pale pastel greens with touches of purple.

cowley manor

The fabulous courtyard.


The bedroom with tie dyed curtains!

green purple bedroom

From Lisa Martensen via D Magazine is this pretty fantastic dining room design in purple and green.

dining room