blue and red color scheme

Chesterfield Red

I can never go past Chesterfield lounges especially ones in fire engine red!

red chesterfield lounge

Blue, Red and Textiles

Blue, white and red living room inspiration. Great use of patterns and textiles in this room. I love how light and billowy everything seems. Scandinavian style is just so gorgeous.

Blue Room and Red Stairs

I am always a lover of the red and light blue color combo, this room is jsut so pretty with great little touches!
blue room

Nautical Color Palette

This nautical color palette with it’s vibrant blue, cheerful red and lots of white screams summer!

Look to the water. If you have spectacular ocean views, let the water replace interior blue hues and introduce extra hints of red for contrast.

A lovely porch perfect for seaside living with a white, blue and red color scheme.

Red is an intense and aggressive color, so it works best as an accent.

Reds will dominate and come forward and blues will recede. With a combination of stripes and patterns you can create the perfect lively nautical themed living room that is a pleasure to be in.

Consider using your boldest hue (in this case red) on an accent wall. When you’re working with several shades, the brightest color will showcase the wall with the most interesting features.
red white kitchen

A playful nautical themed guestroom with the theme taken quite literally.

A kids bedroom in bold blues, red accents and strong nautical theme.

blue red  nautical themed kids bedroom

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