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Lemons in a Bowl

I recently went to a bridal shower where I saw this cute and quirky decorative idea that just blew me away, it’s pretty simple: Lemons in a Bowl! Really it’s a lemon centrepiece, so easy to do and so stunning to look at!

The first awesomely pretty example comes from Sitting in a Tree.


Next we have lemon filled vases with yellow flowers, so gorgeous. In this version cut up lemons floating in water.

yellow lemon and flowers vases

A few floating lemons in very tall vases.

Beautiful lemon inspired centre pieces perfect for a wedding from getmarried.com

and another from http://www.mostellermansion.com

lemon centrepiece

lemon lime center pieces

You get the idea! and you can substitute the lemons for limes, oranges or any citrus really or even create a combination – there are no limits to what gorgeousness you can come up with!