Colorful Lights Design

Rainbows bring light color and joy into all aspects of life! Some interior design and architectural rainbow stimulation for you! The idea of light and color comes to life in the environments around us in many different ways, here are a few examples.

This door has little Pantone reference panels for every color visible in the nature around architect .

“HARMONIC CONVERGENCE” is a bold artistic statement integrating both the existing structural elements of this space, the change in light and the changing pedestrian activity. Through the design development of this new scheme, I feel I have created a unique artwork for pedestrians, a dynamic entrance/exit space for the “MIA Mover” traffic, and a new icon for Miami.

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LIQUID INTERACTIVE Light Scope – Brisbane Festival, Australia.

Kolonihavehus – TOM FRUIN Found Plexigalss, steel, paint.

Leisure Centre and Gym in St. Cloud / Youth Center and Sports Complex in St. Cloud created by architects: Ouhayoun Christopher
& Nicolas Ziesel

the ribbon building

Christmas Lights in The Bedroom

Wonderful, magical and economical interior design idea: add Christmas lights/ fairy lights to your bedroom.