modern contemporary style

Blue on Blue Patterns in the Bedroom

Navy blue and white bedroom with visually stimulating geometric patterns in the pillows, lamp and headboard. Classic, cool and contemporary bedroom design.

Even if you go for one solid color as a base (using white for contrast) you can still play around and get creative with killer patterns!
navy blue bedroom with patterns

Green Chroma Kitchen

Monolithic bold green modern kitchen by Bruce Bolander architect.

Amazing how the bright lime/ neon green cabinets contrast against the natural greens of nature behind it. Nature and man-made co existing in harmony. Now this is not a color for the faint at heart, nor the conservative types. It is out there, it is loud, it’s the color of my favorite energy drink.

The stainless steel appliances and finishes do something to cool this green down a touch, but it still evokes a feeling of raving all night while “The Prodigy”  rages through my speakers, I feel hyped!

chroma green kitchen modern

green kitchen cabinet

Clinical Feel

Very cool white kitchen with an industrial, almost clinical feel to it. Brick shaped tiles in white with dark grout, white rubber floors (perhaps this is what gives the place a cold clinical feel, like hospital floors), and then a touch of quirk in the multicolored metallic chair ensemble. Modern and original!

clinical kitchen modern


Pastel Retro Home

Spanish interior designer Teresa Abaitua creates a wonderful rainbow pastel interior with a misture of modern furniture and fittings, vintage 1960’s furniture and a few restored antiques thrown in the mix.


Modern Beauty in Tribeca

A gorgeous modern apartment in Earthy, serene neutral tones Tribeca, New York.