Turquoise Kitchen Ideas

Turquoise is one of my very favourite colors in the world. It  just has such a calming effect on me, so serene and beautiful! Today I am exploring the use of turquoise in kitchens.

turquoise kitchen

turquoise kitchen

turquoise kitchen

turquoise kitchen

These next two images via www.alvhemmakleri.se

turquoise kitchen

turquoise kitchen

Next kitchen via http://www.skonahem.com

turquoise kitchen

Romantic Green Bedroom

Beautiful and romantic light turquoise and green bedroom designed by Kelly Berg. I just adore the color scheme of this room, it is so light and airy and doused with such romanticism, yet simple and fresh!

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

yellow flowers in a vase

green velvet vintage chair

vintage green ottoman

cane headboard

pink flowers in a vase

And it quite a similar vein we have this beautiful bedroom created by Thornton Design. The pastel blue color of the walls in this bedroom is so calm and relaxing. Here is proof that color alone can help you get better quality rest! Features of this room I love include the upholstered headboard and the golden poufs.

Artful Havana

I was taken aback by the most stunning images taken by Michael Eastman of Havana, Cuba 2010. He has captured such beauty in this intimate portrait of a city.

I was really keen on the color scheme of this exhibition, wonder why? lol, I am having a greeny, blue turquoise week!

Turquoise House Inspired

Today I felt inspired by the color turquoise. I just love this color so much, it makes me feel like anything is possible, it is refreshing and enchanting!

I want to paint the façade of my home a lovely turquoise one day and these are the images that inspire me!

turquoise Victorian home

A Bluish Green

A bit of bluish green or greeny blue, an assortment of inspiration from turquoise to aqua to see foam green. Beautiful romantic imagery and inspiration for the home.

vase with roses

From flickr.com/photos/hummmlan/5448856330/in/faves-ciel-photography/

turquoise piano

From classyclutter.blogspot.com

From romantiskahem.blogspot.com

From http://kaseybuick.com/

From christinebauer.com