Eclectic at Trump Tower

Finally we catch a glimpse of a Trump Tower apartment that is not governed by the color gold! It is 5 star luury at its very best and up on the highest peak of this building you will literally be living amid the clouds and the stars!

Now this is a truly beautiful home with delicate and ornate pieces. The decor is French Style meets boho chic with more chairs than you can throw a stick at. A marvellous and opulent home,  let’s take a look inside!

The lounge room, check out the view! I wouldn’t be able to decide where to sit first or what to admire first. There is so much going on and although it is cluttered it is still inviting.

living room

eclectic lounge room

An eccentric dining room with three dining suites, oh my!

eccentric dining room

What an amazing chandelier. I just love opulence and this apartment fits the bill!

In grand and expensive boho chic style this lovely bedroom, I can almost smell the Chanel No.5 coming out of this room.

master bedroom

The white kitchen a state of the art affair.

white modern kitchen

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  1. A staff of a Japanese television station “Mainichi Broadcasting System”.
    I’d like to use a picture of Trump world tower you carry by a TV program.
    Could you contact me?

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