Modern Art Apartment

This is the apartment of psychiatrist and socialite Samantha Boardman. Lot’s of color, modern art, and suprising hijinks wherever you look! This is a very cool home that is just as arty as the art that resides within it!

The grand staircase with Warhol’s Del Monte and Campbell’s-soup boxes stacked to the left.


The long hallway from the front door leads into the dining room and is lined with Andy Warhol’s portraits of drag queens.

any warhol art

In the dining room, blue velvet Marc Newson chairs circle the table, and a glass-enclosed biosphere by artist Paula Hayes functions as the centerpiece. On the left wall hangs a William de Kooning painting, flanked by two Richard Prince paintings.

richard price painting

The library is very exciting along with man books you will see a plesiosaur skeleton that the Boardman’s bought at Bonham’s auction house hangs from the ceiling, along with an oversize chandelier found in a store in Palm Beach.

the library

Nestled in the bookshelves in the library are penguin dioramas from John Norwood Antiques and skulls sculpted by Damien Hirst (silver) and Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof (pink).

hirst skulls

A quiet cozy corner of the room.

The home study with its black walls and red desk. Pieces of note: On the mantel, there are glass flowers by artist Alessandro Pianon, and the fire-red lips hanging above are the work of artist Tom Wesselmann.
modern art office

Andy Warhol portraits in the playroom.
andy warhol portraits

The ceiling in the more formal living room had to be reinforced to support the weight of the Jeff Koons dog hanging from the ceiling. To the right of the couch hangs a vibrant Cy Twombly painting.
living room with modern art

The stunning rooftop patio.
rooftop patio

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  1. That is quite a collection and by far the swankiest “playroom” I’ve ever seen!

  2. It is safe to say, I am IN love with your blog! I am re-doing my bedroom right now and your site is just oozing with great ideas!

  3. I love the stacked Campbell’s-soup boxes. How creative and different!

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