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Paisley Bedding

It’s all about the Paisley pattern in the bedroom!

Paisley pattern is a droplet-shaped vegetable motif of Persian and Indian origin.

paisley pattern headboard

paisley pattern bedding in green and pink

paisely bedding in yellow

green and blue bedding paisely pattern

boho paisely pattern bedroom

paisley bedroom in blue and white

paisley bedroom in green and white

blue and white paisley

red paisley bedding

black and white paisley bedding


paisley pattern walls

paisely pattern bedspread

paisely pattern

Very Eccentric Colors

Beautifully eccentric, bright decor, just so much to love, the chandeliers, the turquoise damask patterned blinds. This luxurious over the top couch in yellow salmon and turquoise, it burns my eyes yet I cannot look away!

Love those olden trees painted upon the white walls.

damask turquoise armchair

Stunning turquoise and yellow dining chairs adding a strong element of excitement in an otherwise neutral dining room.

From www.1st-option.net

Iris Apfel Manhattan Apartment

My heart surged when reading Architectual Digest I came across the weird and wacky, eclectic and bohemian Manhattan apartment of style icon Iris Apfel.

But style is like charisma. You know it when you see it.

by Iris Apfel

This fact is evident the minute you enter her three-bedroom Manhattan apartment, a Park Avenue aerie she shares with her husband, Carl, that looks a little as if the Collyer brothers had moved in with Madame de Pompadour. To the right of the front door, two stone pedestals piled with art books flank a Baroque console topped by a chinoiserie mirror. Eighteenth- and 19th-century dog portraits line a corridor leading to the bedrooms, and in the boiseried living room, an antique carving of a French mountain dog holds a platter brimming with costume jewelry. Everywhere there are exquisite French chairs, painted Genoese chests, antique paisley shawls, New Mexican santos, and much, much more.

I am so excited to share these images, so much fun, style and color in the one space!

Glittering Beads at The Window

Strands of colored beads can be used to soften a stark window, rather than to provide warmth or protect privacy. Adding beads to your window automatically creates a bohemian feel and vibe to your room.

The heart shaped glass beads and larger droplets give emphasis to the inverted v-shaped profile in this beaded curtain below. The glassy theme is extended into the windowsill arrangement with the glasses and bottle. The rainbow of colors in the glass beads has a definite bohemian feel and manages to transform the otherwise plain and stark window into something more magical.

colorful beaded curtains

When hung like beaded curtains in front of windows, these snowflakes make a subtle, modern, and whimsical addition to any seasonal room décor.

snowflake beads window

Photo: Jeff Rudell from craftstylish.com

Colorful hanging beads in this cottage windowsill in France giving traditional lace a modern, whimsical look.

colourful beads windowsill

From parisparfait.typepad.com

Here is a beautiful diy beaded lace curtain, for instructions on how to make this visit Art Bead Scene.

beaded lace curtains

From artbeadscene.blogspot.com

A grand window with a beautiful view. The view has been unobstructed by heavy curtains. The colorful glass beads are placed subtlety framing the gorgeous view. I particularly like the lantern hanging in front.



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