Iris Apfel Manhattan Apartment

My heart surged when reading Architectual Digest I came across the weird and wacky, eclectic and bohemian Manhattan apartment of style icon Iris Apfel.

But style is like charisma. You know it when you see it.

by Iris Apfel

This fact is evident the minute you enter her three-bedroom Manhattan apartment, a Park Avenue aerie she shares with her husband, Carl, that looks a little as if the Collyer brothers had moved in with Madame de Pompadour. To the right of the front door, two stone pedestals piled with art books flank a Baroque console topped by a chinoiserie mirror. Eighteenth- and 19th-century dog portraits line a corridor leading to the bedrooms, and in the boiseried living room, an antique carving of a French mountain dog holds a platter brimming with costume jewelry. Everywhere there are exquisite French chairs, painted Genoese chests, antique paisley shawls, New Mexican santos, and much, much more.

I am so excited to share these images, so much fun, style and color in the one space!

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  1. Well, hers is definitely a “More is More” approach. But she looks so happy (and hip- hello boots!)- gotta love it.

  2. This is a complete eye candy 🙂

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