17th Century Spain Decor

Here we take a look at the Veronica Etro family home in the island of Ibiza. This is a wonderful old Spanish style home with gorgeous period pieces from the 17th Century Spain. White walls, exposed beams in a dark brown, highly ornate chairs, mirrors and light fittings.

Designer Veronica Etro in the entryway to her family’s 17th-century home in Ibiza. The foyer features an 18th-century Venetian mirror.

A giant archway is original to the structure and is flanked by a sixth-century Indian bust from Gandhara.

living room

The den with the ocean blue couches and rustic rust colored cushions.

blue couch

The bedroom has a 19th-century Lombard bed.

four post bed

Precious antiques, like a 17th-century Spanish chair, decorate the house.

spanish chair and teapot

A magnificent 17th-century Florentine religious shrine.


All images from harpersbazaar.com

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