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Aussie Stylish Homes

The stylish homes of creative Australians featured in Belle Magazine, photographed by Felix Forest.

The home of Alex Zabotto-Bentley. His sydney home is a perfect display of his love of art, all against a backdrop of crimson red walls and other unique furnishings and pieces.



The home of Fiona Sinclair, a modern, serene black and white space.



The creative hub of Stefano Canturi, sophisticated, modern style reflective of the many things which excites the designer  jeweler.



The classic Melbourne home of Sophie Holt: black, white and Belgian grey on natural wood.



David Bromley’s Home

A look into the Melbourne home of Australian artist David Bromley.

David Bromley, talks about the importance of preserving the magic and emotional atmosphere of a place.

david bromely

This painting is called Dreaming of Le Corbusier above an old bakers table from Europe. The beautiful intricate birdcage is from Argentina.

art painting

Via Inside Out Magazine Australia April 2010

Religious Icon Design

Flicking through a copy of Inside Out July/August 2010 Australia, I came across an eclectic home covered in religious iconography. A perfect example of finding beauty in gaudiness.

Teresa has developed a look that’s decidedly European, but with a personalised twist. Her skills lies in what she calls cambio – to change and transform things. And by her own admission she’d rather things be “a little bit of ugly, to be reborn beautiful again”…Iconography plays a big part in her overall scheme, which she puts down to her Catholic childhood, when she was surrounded by crucifixes, Bibles and weeping Madonnas in her family home.