Red Retro Kitchen

Kitsch red and white retro kitchen, loving all the vinyl from the floor to the chairs to the tables. Red enamel kitchen in 40’s retro style and pretty white and red polka dot curtains!
retro red kitchen

retro 40's stove

red retro kitchen




Red Brick Barn – A Cottage Guesthouse

A stunning cottage guesthouse in Central Victoria Australia known as the “Red Brick Barn”.

In the dining room of this fab little cottage there is an early-Australian table surrounded with rare 1920s French metal Tolix chairs, with access through French doors to the courtyard.

country cottage living room

country cottage dining room

Early painted furniture and rare eclectic finds surround the comfy linen couches.

linen couch in  cottage living room

A fully equipped country kitchen with a barn style sink white washed walls and wooden counter-tops.

country cottage kitchen

country cottage kitchen

In the vintage, shabby chic esq bedroom an antique cast-iron queen size bed with handmade pure Portuguese linen, feather pillows and quilts, original French art pieces and Turkish kilims adorn the room.

country cottage bedroom

country cottage bedroom

country cottage chair

country cottage bathroom

brick barn

renovated barn

renovated barn

Aussie Stylish Homes

The stylish homes of creative Australians featured in Belle Magazine, photographed by Felix Forest.

The home of Alex Zabotto-Bentley. His sydney home is a perfect display of his love of art, all against a backdrop of crimson red walls and other unique furnishings and pieces.



The home of Fiona Sinclair, a modern, serene black and white space.



The creative hub of Stefano Canturi, sophisticated, modern style reflective of the many things which excites the designer  jeweler.



The classic Melbourne home of Sophie Holt: black, white and Belgian grey on natural wood.



Bedrooms with Red Accents

Stunning bedrooms in classical designs with strong red accents displayed through patterns and textures.

The color red is a very strong and potent color that is most often the choice of extroverts. Red has real physical effects on our bodies; it provides a sense of protection form anxiety and fears, it increases heartbeat, pulse rate and blood pressure and encourages enthusiasm, confidence and action. Red is the color energy of arousal and passion, this can be perfect in a bedroom when you want to create an element of desire and strong sexual excitement.

If you are drawn to the color red, then that is no mistake, according to Feng Shui principles this means that your body is getting energy nourishment from these colors, so go with your feelings!

red bedroom decoration

Red and white toile headboard and red chinese bedside table combined with black walls for a truly eclectic style.

red bedroom decoration

Highly patterned red and white wallpaper with pattern extending to the curtains and seats. Releif is found in the mostly pure white monogrammed sheets.

red bedroom decoration

Twin bedroom in red and white with stripes and paisley patterns.

red bedroom decoration

Eccentric bedroom design for the lovers of old fashioned styles that are heavily textured in floral patterns.

red bedroom decoration

Traditional white bedroom with red accents for a mature, sophisticated style.

red bedroom decoration

Add red in a simple way with a well chosen afghan.

red bedroom decoration

Traditional style in red and white with monogrammed sheets for a sophisticated, masculine vibe.

red bedroom decoration

Romantic, bold and eclectic bedroom in red and white.

Economics Uni Building in Mexico

Post grade building for the economics department of the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City, Mexico. Beautiful modern red block created by architects LEGORRETA + LEGORRETA. Spanning over 5,500 m² created in 2010.