Pastel Kitchens

The makings of pastel colors involve the mixing of pure colors with white. Due to the common white base in all pastel colors it means that they can easily and harmoniously be combined together. Pastel colors used in a kitchen can create a most striking effect and are absolutely ideal for softening up a room. It can take the edge off most hard-edged modern kitchens. Pastel kitchens can create a look that is quite vintage in feel.

In this kitchen pastel blue and pink are harmoniously combined with the use of much white to help open the space up.

pastel kitchen design

Another example of a combination of pastels creating harmony in the kitchen, this time in blue and pink with pastel green accents!

In this kitchen you can see the pastel pink combining with the contemporary modern white kitchen to give this hard edged kitchen a softer more rounded look. Admittedly the pastel pink enamel Smeg fridge, a replica of those from the 50’s sure helps create the vintage mixed with contemporary vibe.

contemporary white pastel pink kitchen

Above two images from Livingetc

In this next kitchen you can see the adaptability of the pastel hue with blue pastel blending in superbly with stark white, glossy counter tops, black chandelier and bright red cooking pots. This is also a great example of a kitchen that incorporates various different styles in a harmonious way.

pastel blue kitchen

Image above from Domino Magazine

Here is a beautiful retro kitchen with 50’s era chairs and appliances. I very popular era of style to replicate. Pastel colors really come into their own in this decade of style. Mostly white kitchen with splashes of pastel green that give this retro kitchen a fresh and sunny look. Love the accents in red and turquoise.

retro kitchen

A country kitchen with a real vintage vibe with a pastel pink enamel refrigerator and old style stove. Another example here of the harmony created between pastel colors.

pink fridge in a country kitchen

Both images above courtesy of Country Living.



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  1. Where do we find the Blue storage unit with all the compartments and the knobs that turn at the bottom? And does it come in different colors?

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