Pink Damask

Inspiration: Damask Patterns
Colour: Pink

damask walls lounge room

Wonderful antique pink damask pattern chairs from Petite Trianon at Versailles, just outside of Paris, a photograph by Chezjolly.

antique pink damask chairs

And an ornate antique settee in a light pink damask pattern from: source

ornate pink settee

Pink TJ Maxx chair. Source

Beautiful dusty pink and white damask bedding.

bed pink damask

Create your own damask heaven!

Buy Large Wall Damask Stencil Faux Mural

wall damask pencil

Damask Stencil Gabrielle – Reusable stencils for walls and fabrics – DIY wall decor:

bedroom pink damask romantic sexy

Pink damask twin bedding set:

buy pink damask bedding

Pink Damask Throw Pillow Cover:

pink throw pillow

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  1. Oh those clothes pins are darling! The kind of thing I’d see and buy knowing full well I do not have a clothes line to use them with.

  2. Hey im looking for thatcPink TJ Maxx chair, but i cant find any where!! can you plz tell if possibly, what brand it is? are if you know anybody that want to sell. thank you =)

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