Chinoiserie Dining Room

Gorgeous blue and white chinoiserie filled dining room in the garage of Sally Swing’s Berkley Cottage featured in House Beautiful. I love this type of ambience, this type of kookiness mixed with vintage finds and loads of personality.

Blue and white chinoiserie, gifts from friends mixed with flea-market finds, defines the look Sally Swing envisioned. Like everything else, the dining tables and chairs — from her mother — got a wash of white enamel. Only the buffet was left unpainted to add visual weight to the room.


The one-car garage turned dining room opens onto a fenced courtyard. A stone path leads to the main house.

“Medium old” antique plates printed with a Blue Willow pattern are all part of the mix of dinnerware Sally displays with her linens in a glass-doored cabinet, which was made for a beloved uncle in China. He also purchased the 1940s blue stemware — at Woolworth’s in downtown San Francisco.


A dragonfly-patterned teacup is combined with vintage Ralph Lauren salad plates, a Danish stoneware dinner plate, and flea-market Chinese flatware.

China, the cat, sits on a painted chair covered in Ming fabric from Manuel Canovas. Mirrors bring in the light.


Inspiration China Blue

Today I feel inspired by China Blue. The perfect mixture of blue and white in beautiful patterns creates amazing harmony and balance.

bedroom blue white

china blue fireplace

china blue wallppaer

china blue cushions



Blue White Patterns Bedroom

Gorgeous dark blue and white bedroom, love all the patterns going on, intense yet somehow harmonious.

Blue and Cream Bedroom Idea

Intense blue and cream colored bedroom with a French romantic vibe to it, very intense, not for everyone but interesting nonetheless.
master bedroom idea

master bedroom in blue

Artful Havana

I was taken aback by the most stunning images taken by Michael Eastman of Havana, Cuba 2010. He has captured such beauty in this intimate portrait of a city.

I was really keen on the color scheme of this exhibition, wonder why? lol, I am having a greeny, blue turquoise week!