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Turquoise House Inspired

Today I felt inspired by the color turquoise. I just love this color so much, it makes me feel like anything is possible, it is refreshing and enchanting!

I want to paint the façade of my home a lovely turquoise one day and these are the images that inspire me!

turquoise Victorian home

Blue in The Traditional Kitchen

Beautiful traditional kitchen designs with wooden finishes combined with a blue color scheme. In some cases just a touch of blue is used and in others the blue dominates.

A charming and warm atmosphere is created with classic furniture mixed in with woven baskets, unusual clocks, artwork and other authentic and personality giving items and nik naks.

blue pastel kitchen




Modern Kitchen Royal Blue

A modern kitchen with contemporary lines! What struck me the most about this kitchen is the unnatural blue of the cabinets, so intense!

blue kitchen

blue kitchen

white blue kitchen

blue white kitchen

A Bluish Green

A bit of bluish green or greeny blue, an assortment of inspiration from turquoise to aqua to see foam green. Beautiful romantic imagery and inspiration for the home.

vase with roses

From flickr.com/photos/hummmlan/5448856330/in/faves-ciel-photography/

turquoise piano

From classyclutter.blogspot.com

From romantiskahem.blogspot.com

From http://kaseybuick.com/

From christinebauer.com

Black and Turquoise Bedroom

Black and turquoise bedroom ideas. Offering up a taste of bedroom ideas in beautiful vibrant turquoise combined with black. This color combination really packs a punch and seems to add a feeling of decadence to the room.

Turquoise blue walls with ornate black print bed covers, lovely mirrors and black chandelier.

Kimberly Coleman bedroom. Love the pops of turquoise! black canopy bed, zebra bench, turquoise blue lamps and black nightstands.

Zebra print always makes and impact. It is quite common to see zebra print combined with a damask pattern in decorating.

From angelicagracedesigns.com


Design by Tera Hampton

The turquoise, white, and black bedding was the basis for the rest of the room. Love the mirrors on the walls with the ornate black and turquoise frames.

From home-dzine.co.za

An aqua turquoise and black guest bedroom idea.

From home-dzine.co.za

Gorgeous turquoise blue & black funky guest bedroom design with custom white tufted headboard, turquoise blue throw & pillows, turquoise blue & gray moorish tiles pillow and matching drapes, chocolate mirrored chest nightstand, black velvet x benches, glossy black chandelier and ivory cream gray wallpaper.

Turquoise, black, stripes and damask for a decadent design!

Buy the following black and turquoise bedding to create you perfect bedroom:

Roxy Alexis Twin Duvet Cover Set 5 Piece:
black white and turquoise bedding buy

Black and aqua damask bedding set:
black and aqua damask bedding

White, Teal & Black Teen Girls Queen Comforter, Shams & Toss Pillow 4 Pc Bedding:

White, Teal & Black Teen Girls Queen Comforter, Shams & Toss Pillow 4 Pc Bedding


Zebra patterned bedding in black, white and turquoise:


Stunning bed set in turquoise and black!

black and turquoise bed set