Green Sheen

Amazing foyer in green, what are these walls painted in? they have an amazing sheen that looks like plastic!


Green Dining

Gorgeous green kitchen, loving the rustic green painted dining table with benches.



Following the green trend the next two rustic, eclectic and absolutely amazing dining rooms were designed by Paola Nevone.




Green Wall Kitchen

I really love this kitchen and the main thing that won me over are those green tiles, especially in combination with exquisite wooden cabinets!


Emerald Butterflies Wallpaper

Everything about this room is stunning, esspecially that amazing emerald green wall paper littered with butterflies.

butterflies wall paper

De Gournay Eclectic Collection Butterflies wallpaper in Emerald.

Romantic Green Bedroom

Beautiful and romantic light turquoise and green bedroom designed by Kelly Berg. I just adore the color scheme of this room, it is so light and airy and doused with such romanticism, yet simple and fresh!

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

light green bedroom design

yellow flowers in a vase

green velvet vintage chair

vintage green ottoman

cane headboard

pink flowers in a vase

And it quite a similar vein we have this beautiful bedroom created by Thornton Design. The pastel blue color of the walls in this bedroom is so calm and relaxing. Here is proof that color alone can help you get better quality rest! Features of this room I love include the upholstered headboard and the golden poufs.