Tufted Sofa Interior Design

Beautiful, glamorous and lush tufted sofa inspiration.

Loving this pastel purple tufted sofa that blends in seamlessly into the neutralness of this room!

purple tufted sofa interior design

Elegant and chic tufted sofas in grey velvet.

grey velvet tufted sofa

grey velvet sofa

Beautiful color scheme in purple, grey and yellow.

interior in grey yellow and purple

Gorgeous tufted sofas in green.

green tufted sofa and green medallion wallpaper

via House to Home

and in a brighter green velvet set in a Moroccan styled interior.
velvet green sofa

A yellow tufted sofa in a modern, urban interior.
tufted sofa yellow modern interior

Mustard yellow tufted settee in a contemporary setting.
mustard yellow settee

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  1. I want to konow the price for the Tufted Sofa grey and the purple


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