Turquoise Bedding

Turquoise is such a popular color, especially for the bedroom. Let’s look at various different bedding options in the magnificent Turquoise!

Firstly we have this eccentric bedroom in white and turquoise with lime green walls!

A beautiful turquoise bedroom with a unique heart shaped headboard made out of picture frames.

from http://www.marieclaireidees.com/

A pretty and simple bedroom idea in turquoise and white, with a rustic, shabby, romantic vibe.

via skonahem

Glamours classic bedroom bedding idea in turquoise.

Country style bedroom idea in turquoise and white with checked pattern.

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  1. I am IN LOVE with the 1st picture. Turquoise and white with the lime green wall. However, I’m only interested in info on the bed. I would love to recreate it! I would really appreciate any help u can give. The panels, where can I find then and how are they hanging? The pillow cases? Where can I get them? I’ve been looking for a couple weeks now and so far this is the only one I’ve found that I really like!! I’m in love with turquoise so any additional tips would be amazing!!! Thank u

  2. Where can I find that giant clock in pic 1????? Love it!!!!!

  3. Where can I find the turquoise blanket in the last photo?

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