Warm and Welcoming Antique Bedroom

We are going to take a look at a bedroom or potential guest room that is warm, traditional and inviting. These types of rooms lean toward traditional decor incorporating a variety of metal and wood finishes for dressers and beds, antique furniture, amenities and soft furnishings with florals and luxurious window treatments. This kind of room is perfect for showcasing family heirlooms or other collectables in the decorating scheme.

The focal point of this Victorian period room is the large Victorian bed with an ornate metal headboard and footboard. Luxurious fabrics in muted warm tones with varying patterns and textures in stripe and damask play off the color of the wood of the dresser, bedposts and bedside table. Reds create a powerful room. When working with reds it is a good idea to combine it with neutrals and keep the red to a minimum like in the photo below so that it doesn’t overwhelm the room.

metal work victorian bed

The basic color palette for this room:

warm tones


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