Well Optimized Small Loft

A wonderful Paris home and workshop that dates back to the late nineteenth century.

This tiny old manufacturing plant of plainpied “L” of only 50 m2 (3.3 to 6.6 m wide and 6 to 8 m long) is put to good use, and decked out in an imaginative and practical way, making real use of the 5.5m ceilings and presence of two extraodinarily large windows.

A well thought out renovation

This amazing loft was renovated in the idea of optimizing space without altering the spirit of the place. “It was all about balance and proportion, they said. We had to enhance the original volume and find more square meters to build a private space. Create an entire floor under the roof would have been the easiest option, but also the ugliest! We would have lost the approval of space, clarity of glass and industrial memory of the place. “  With a mezzanine, the bet is successful! Today, the old workshop combines flawless open and closed spaces, traditional and contemporary materials (wood, metal, glass), color keys and sobriety.

As a semi-independent floor, the mezzanine structure created volumes without clogging. Located in the northeast corner, the staircase has two flights met by a bearing which forms a one quarter turn. The steps consist of two sections of scantlings recovery (6 x 20 x 80 cm), sanded and oiled. Cupboards and wardrobe painted MDF take place below without cluttering the space!

Open living room, kitchen and small office area can be found past the glass door, although all are unified by a parquet floor these space are still clearly defined.

living room

Simple but functional, the kitchen is also known for it’s bright red 50 year old retro (Smeg).

With a stunning and modern combination of colors and material: the tone of honey floors and exposed timbers add warmth against the metal studs and joists. All highlighted by the white color of the walls and the amazing bright splashes of red here and there.

retro red fridge

Here you can find the bedroom perched up high creating a loft area.

The bedroom is located between the central part of the frame and the leaning against the gable wall. For added privacy it hides behind the glass window fittings at the top natural light through an added skylight on the ceiling.

The glass and steel form the separation between the bedroom and the bathroom.

The rafters are left exposed. Two skylights are added , one in the bedroom and one in the bathroom, optimizing the ambient light.

The beams of the gable offer cheap one small space library practical and original!

From http://maison-travaux.dekio.fr

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