Lime Green Kitchens

I feel inspired by the color lime, the color lime in kitchens. I know this is not a color for everyone, in fact I don’t know if I would be able to live with it everyday of my life. But today I really think I could. I would love to wake up to a lime green kitchen for my usual coffee and toast!

Now here is some of my inspiration, the lime green can be in the cabinets, tiles, walls, splash-back, in the stools, the kitchen furniture or even as a small feature of the room.

green and white kitchen modern

white and green kitchen

lime green kitchen cabinets

lime green splashbacks

lime green splashback

white kitchen green walls

lime green kitchen cabinets

green kitchen

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  1. LOVE the light lime green walls with black counterrops and white cabinets. (6th picture down). Do you happen to know the manufacturer/color of the walls? Have looked at so many colors and this is exactly what I want>

    • Hi Begee, srry I can’t help you with that one, I just found these images through google on sites with no real details. Good luck!

  2. Hi, you could try Indian Ivy 3 by Dulux, it’s very similar to that colour. Ali x,

  3. Lime green is my favourite colour. Some of the kitchens shown are a bit too much, but I just love the 2nd one down with the curved bench, and lime green stools. A fantastic room with the right amount of green, white and dark shades.

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