Rafters in the Bedroom

Just a little bit of boho chic inspiration for the bedroom today. There is nothing more fabulous, cozy and eccentric than these eclectic romantic bedrooms with their ornate wooden, sloped ceilings. Exposed rafters can create a real rustic charm!

Imagine waking up every morning in this attic room with the most amazing cone shaped ceiling.

Everything about this room is so gorgeous, I would feel like a princess living here!
exposed rafters bedroom

A beautiful tall window with a nice view and a highly ornate ceiling with exposed rafters for an elegant fairytale room for adults.

A cozy, charming and rustic attic bedroom.

attic bedroom

Lots of light and plenty of nature!

I always wished to have a tree house when I was a child and this would have been a real dream!


A cozy and warm room with soft natural lighting that can softly lull you to sleep on a nice afternoon. Gorgeous wooden ceiling and walls.

attic bedroom

From cotemaison.fr

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  1. They really do create that feeling of feeling of being in a tree house (hmm, maybe you can still have your dream come true…)

  2. That is true, Now I just need to find a house with the perfect attic space! lol

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