Pale Blue and White Bedrooms

Pale blue and white are extremely popular color combinations for bedrooms. This color pairing reflects the white clouds and blue skies of the great outdoors, the tranquility of nature is harnessed to create a soothing, relaxing and serene environment that is perfect in any home but especially for those that dwell in the city.

This color scheme works well in many different styles and situations, the charm of blue and white always appeals!

A small and dark space will respond well to the freshness and airiness that soft and pale shades of blue bring. Painting a room in white or a very pale shade of blue will instantly open up a room and expand the space.

To add a beachy-vibe to her crisp, white bedroom, designer Carolyn Espley-Miller hung an old sea-foam barn door above her bed. This room has a lovely airy and beachy feel to it with the pale blue divider behind the bed and the crisp white linen.

beach inspired blue white bedroom

photo credit: David Tsay from

To create a tranquil retreat for the home owners, designer Eric Cohler designed this master bedroom with a creamy blue color palette. Here you can see quite clearly how the blue and white work in combination to create a soothing, harmonious environment.

bluish Gray and white bedroom

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Play with different patterns and textures. Use florals  to create a more homey country vibe.

blue white cottage bedroom

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This is a traditional blue bedroom. perfect for introducing a sense of occasion, Italian strung curtains have a beautifully soft, draped look. When lined with a contrasting fabric, they reveal a subtle flair of colour once they are opened. Here you see how well the color scheme of pale blue and white works in a traditional setting.


light blue bedroom



Another example of a traditional bedroom decor with a pastel blue and creamy white.


pastel blue cream bedroom

French Style bedroom with white-painted furniture which looks great against pale blue walls in this fresh and light country-style bedroom.

white pale blue bedroom



Another French style bedroom in white and light blue. Blue toiles and checks, distressed and painted furniture, and a delicate lace bedspread exude classic French charm.


french bedroom blue



A relaxing sitting area in a master bedroom consisting of a gorgeous comfy armchair and ottoman in pale blue with a white bookshelf. This room also incorporates the serene color scheme making it a perfectly relaxing place for reading.


light blue armchair white bookshelf

Shades: Camilla David Textiles Nandini in Powder Blue (Interior Design: Heather Safferstone of Sally Steponkus Interiors, Photographer: Angie Seckingerer) from


A romantically decorated bedroom in light blue and white with lots of draping curtains in a white mesh.


romantic room in blue and white

Seen in


A modern and contemporary style bedroom featuring lost of pale blue with white creating a clean, airy and vastly open space.


grey blue and white bedroom decor

Photographed by Vicente Wolf in


Calming blue bedroom featuring a silk blue throw and embroidered cushions giving this serene bedroom a sophisticated look, while the wrought iron bed makes a stunning feature set against the pale blue wall.


basic blue and white bedroom decorating



Cool floral bedroom that mixes pattern and scale in a classic way to add depth and impact to a room. A palette reminiscent of delicate porcelain keeps the look fresh and uplifting.


blue pattern bedroom


Create a soothing yet bold look with a monochromatic color scheme. Here, a cream floor rug and bedding are the perfect complement for a sophisticated gray-blue wall color. Blue hues create a sense of calm, making this bedroom a peaceful oasis to escape to at night.

elegant white and blue bedroom


Use a metallic color to dress up an ordinary bedroom. Here, the combination of matte blue-gray walls and the metallic blue-gray bed skirt, wall art, and bedding details creates an unforgettable look. Add silver accessories to play up the metallic pieces.

metallic light colored bedroom


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