Richard’s Living Rooms

I was just browsing through the most magnificent images of interiors shot by photogrpher Richard Powers. I will post some of the living / lounge rooms that Richard Powers has photographed which to me are totally inspiring and jaw dropping!

I will start with this bohemian lounge room. So many rich and textured elements in here. Look at the walls, the door frames, the mirrors, the windows, the rugs! Ohh I just love rooms like this.

bohemian lounge

No surprise that this room would steal my heart. Columns, high ceilings and floor to ceiling windows, well those elements alone just knock me out!

Take a look at the other interior design wonders that caught my eye!

white lounge room


shabby chic


white living room


interior design living room


Which space do you like best?

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  1. The fourth down is a home in Istanbul and I absolutely love it. He really knows how to capture a space fully. I also like the image below that one where you feel like you are just peeking above a console table (and that space looks pretty amazing as well!)

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