Zen White Loft

This is the beautiful other wordly home of designer Johanne Riis. A perfect blend of zen white with splashes of bright red inspired by Japanese Zen with simple lines and spaces filled with light.

Now this one is going to be image heavy so bare with me, it is totally worth it!

A great work of art this exquisite painting by artist Paul Trajman.

The contrast between the stark white of the walls and this bright blood red painting is mesmerizing.

The modern kitchen with the best high end appliances.

The ever present white, in the chairs, orchids, floors, walls and table.

White stained timber floors and the presence of orchids.

The white washed dining room.

Stunning high ceilings.

white lounge and dining

Beautiful big windows drench the room in light.

white open windows

A white grand piano in the lounge room.

grans piano white

white living room

white lounge

The master bedroom in the attic space. Painted a pure white making the few bold pieces of art in other colors stand out.

The elements of surprise are never ending, every time I go through these pictures I find something new!

Images courtesy of elle.es

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  1. Okay so in your above photo with the window… my friend in Spain took such a similar picture… and it looks like such a perfect space – just like your shot above. You can check it out here:


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